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Center for Outbreak Response Innovation (CORI)


About the Center 

The Center for Outbreak Response Innovation (CORI) develops, tests, and implements forward-thinking outbreak analytic solutions for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and local health departments, and other decision-makers across the country. 

Our mission is to improve the speed, accuracy, and use of data and analytics during public health emergencies.

We focus on: 

  • Refining outbreak analytics and tools 
  • Supporting public health outbreak response capabilities 
  • Partnering with health departments to tailor effective real-time solutions for public health emergencies
  • Developing training in outbreak analytics, modeling, and forecasting 

Meet the Team



Partner with Us

If you are a state or local public health department interested in enhancing your response efforts or currently managing an outbreak, our team offers tailored support to evaluate, document, and enhance your organization's readiness and response capabilities. 

We collaborate with you to;

  • Review and document your outbreak preparedness and response strengths, challenges, and opportunities
  • Develop tailored materials for outbreak preparedness and response, such as communication templates, case investigation protocols, and interview scripts
  • Support your internal teams in evaluating outbreak preparedness and response processes
  • Conduct rapid research on scientific and policy-related public health issues to inform your decision-making during a response or in planning

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CORI Projects

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STLT Health Department Partnerships: Decision Support

Measles Outbreak Response

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Infectious Disease Resources

Disease Forecast Modeling

The Center for Outbreak Response Innovation is supported through Cooperative Agreement NU38FT000004 between CDC’s Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics and Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health.